The ultimate couch fragger gibfest

Armed with a powerful shotgun, bullet deflecting shield and power-up tarot cards,
2-4 local players will battle it out to collect each others souls in 9 different competitive game modes
such as classic deathmatch, capture the flag and team based modes.
This is frantic local multiplayer at its bloodiest!

"Our experience playing Demons with Shotguns has been at once electrifying and charming. It calls forth shouts, great big smiles, laughter and large doses of healthy competition." -

"Demon's with Shotguns looks to be a very competent contender in the local multiplayer genre." - IndieGames.Com

Local Multiplayer Shooter Action for 2-4 Players

Battle it out across 40 arenas in 4 different environments, each with unique hazards and mechanics.

Singleplayer and Local Co-op Enemy Wave Mode

Fend off the Nephilim army and prevent the end of times in a 1-2 player enemy wave mode.

Tarot Cards

Seal your destiny with power-up tarot cards. Earn your angel wings, wield the power of Christ or become Satan's spawn.

Available on Steam now!

Soundtrack by VHS Glitch